Thursday, May 29, 2008

Swim Suit

After my presentation on swim suits, I realized my girls' swimsuits were awfully small! So I promised them a trip to the pool and had to whip up some suits. This is Kwik Sew 2884 with some alterations to the top. The bottoms were made like the pattern.

My 7 year old is a girly girl so I knew it had to pink and it had to be frilly! Originally it was more of a tankini but her torso is so long that it just looked like her suit was too small so I chopped it off and added a contrast band with elastic.

As for the crossover top, I used the pattern for the tank top and drew a line curving from a little past center front to the side seam for the right side. The left side I cut off at the curve and added a seam allowance. I sewed the shoulder seams and added the ruffle to the front pieces, folding the ends under a little at the shoulders. I sewed elastic all the way around the neckline. Then I sewed the left side under the right side and topstitched with a zig zag. Start the zig zag on the right side front and go around the neck ending under the ruffle as close as you can get to the seam. I think the next version I will add binding rather than ruffles and see how that works.
My favorite part of swimwear is making up new designs! It's so easy to take a basic pattern like this one and cut it up, add new details, and make it your own.
My big girl's bathing is next. It's finished, I just have to get her to slow down long enough to get a picture!

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