Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sew Incredibles Apron

Lucretia and Desi made each of us a Sew Incredibles Apron for the Ties That Matter volunteer sewing October 25. These are absolutely amazing, wonderful, and such useful aprons. Lucretia and Desi --- THANK YOU!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Japanese sewing sites, books, resources...

Coverstitch Machines

I do so LOVE my coverstitch machine. We had a brief discussion about them last night at the meeting. Karen was asking how to go over the hem. Hellenne enlightened us by saying to snip the seam allowance and turn one seam one way and the other the opposite to reduce bulk. Then Desi piped up and asked how to stop sewing and not have the stitching come out. There is a trick to hand wheeling forward and then backward and listening for the click or something. I follow this great advice written by Debbie Cook. No sense reinventing the wheel so here's a link to her tutorials

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Desi went fabric shopping at Britex!!!!

Desi had a GREAT time in Britex's four floors of fabrics, trims, buttons, and more fabric. She came home with lots of great fabric, and took pictures of bolts and bolts of fabric. (Only people who sew understand this.)

She also went to Japan Town in San Francisco and bought a bunch of sewing and crocheting books in Japanese, and in her excitement she forgot she couldn't read Japanese.
Look how HAPPY Desi looks with all her purchases!

Show and Tell at Oct 9th Meeting

This is Jan Martin's double layered reversible fleece vest bound in stretch velvet.

The little girl's dress is by Martha Meyers.

And here's Rena holding two crocheted spiral scarves that Desi makes while driving with her knees (Desi!!!).

Martha's demo Oct 9

Martha Meyers showed us various techniqes to use in both garments and quilts. Here she shows us the "Groovin' Piping" tool useful in trimming your piping to 1/4" and 5/8" available from

She also showed us her whole cloth facing, pouncing tool, bias binding joining of the ends, and more.

Here she is wearing the Sewing Workshop's ZigZag top in a beautiful blue crossdyed "linen (

Crocheted Curly Scarf

The pattern for the crocheted curly scarf can be found here:

It is a free pattern from Lion Brand, but you may  have to register with their site to gain access to the page. The scarf is made from 1 skein of homespun yarn. It works up quickly and also makes a great gift :)


Sling made from Men's Ties

Here is the link to the blog post that outlines how to make a sling pouch from two men's ties. This is a quick project and it would make a quick gift as well!