Thursday, May 1, 2008

i have no clue

This whole blog thing is new for me. As you can see, I have figured out how to sign up for google (oy vey, another password to remember) and I guess I can post. So do I just remember to show up to the blog once a week to check out all the stuff we have sent each other?

I am trying out a Lyla Messinger pattern for a T shirt, making two muslins large and extra large so I can screw up before I cut into my purple bamboo. I am taking the sewing and knitting classes this weekend and suspect that Barb Callahan is bringing some fabric to sell....

what is this thing at the end called Labels for this I supposed to write something there too. And can anyone get into this blog or is it just by inviation from the blog mother Hellene? I suppose I will need to learn how to take a photo, put it on a computer and transfer it to a blog....lots ot learn, lots to sew, so little time

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