Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Martha Fabric Shops in Japan!

Here's evidence that Martha will go anywhere to shop for fabric!! With Pam Uchida in Osaka last year.
Look at ALL that fabric!

Places to go for ideas!

Here's something Desi told us about on Monday evening that sounds interesting:

"CraftStylish" - also from Taunton Press. There is a website and a magazine related to this topic. You can find out more at - think "Sew Stylish", but for all types of crafts! Neat ideas on ways to express your creativity!

Also, I am not sure of who is aware of the upcoming "Indie Craft Experience" on June 7th in Centennial Olympic Park. It's worth checking out their website ( From my understanding, this is a juried "Craft fair" of independent crafters. It's not your typical type of craft fair - think artist-type crafters, not the usual crafters you see at a country fair. Looks like a great event!

It's all Hellenne's fault!

Wow! This blog spot is a great idea for our Neighborhood Group. We never have enough time to share all that we want. I'll look forward to everyone's posts.

I am busy trying to meet the ASG Creativity Contest deadline. I'm working on Simplicity 3688 with a bit of 3631. This is all Hellenne's fault. She challenged me to try for it last Saturday. Actually, thanks, Hellenne. It's fun to push myself a bit. When I last talked to Hellenne about it at Spring Fling, I still had a week to go. And my calendar was pretty empty.

Well, today my daughter, grandson (7 months), and granddaughter (2 years) came over. All 3 are sick and my daughter was operating on about 10 minutes of sleep. Boy, do I feel guilty for wanting to sew instead of taking care of all of them! And, tomorrow, my daughter-in-law and another grandson (2 years) are driving in from SC to spend a long week-end. Whoa! So much for the free week!

As Hellenne pointed out, it doesn't have to be absolutely finished - just enough to photograph. Hmmm... Also Ginny pointed out that it's good practice to try even if you later decide not to submit. My goal is to create something I might actually wear, and to try out some new techniques. Tonight I'm working on Cynthia Guffey's "mock Hong Kong finish with interlining." It looks pretty. I hope it fits.

Great to see everyone on Monday. I'd love to hear what everyone is sewing, either virtually or actually.

PS - Hope I'm not a bad Grandma. I really, really do love being with them!


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