Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Martha's show 'n tell from June 2008

Here are my show 'n tells from last night. The blue jacket and the brown skirt are both from Simplicity 3688, one of the patterns for the 2008 ASG contest. The lavendar jacket is from the 2007 ASG contest. Hope to see everyone else's show 'n tell and other projects too!

Enabler Alert

Here's the link to the CUTE cords from Fabric.com

Also they have some solid color cotton twill for $3.95/yard...great for skirts, pants, tote bags, etc.

I would write more about last night but my laptop is bouncing up and down from the jackhammers!!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

June Meeting: Fringes and Trims

We had lots of laughs and fun as Desi showed us her collection of gadgets for trim and fringe making. The bottom line was: buy the trims and fringes because it's too boring and too much work to make them! However, the cord she made with wool yarn, and then felted, was something we all thought was interesting even though the bunch of samples she was clutching looked like colorful snakes. Her felted purse is to die for!

Among the many show and tells were Martha's swimsuit, her two suits, an adorable $3 jean skirt made by Barbara that was very expensive looking, Sandy's beautiful unmentionable and a cool LJ Designs Versa jacket she is in the process of completing, Karen's beautiful Diane Ericson Peony Jacket, Jan Martin's classy white jacket, an amazing smocked dress by Kay, and many more treats (including the cookies Desi made)!

Here is a link to the jean skirt Barbara made:

And she suggests:
"I would change the directions by marking the inset, cutting with a 5/8” seam allowance and serging the edges (even though it’s semi-bias) before sewing. It just seems like a cleaner finish to me."

And someone (who didn't have a name tag, I think) brought in her bottle cap pincushion which was ADORABLE! So we all want to make these pin cushions. Here's a tutorial (if you google bottle cap pincushion tutorial you'll get a long list of sites):

Scroll down towards the bottomto see her bottle cap pin cushion.

This link is for other pincushions (eyecandy) designs:

And the winner of the Nametag contest is Kay! I need a pic Kay!

July 28, Tuesday at 7pm is our next meeting. Come to dinner at The Relish at 6pm before the meeting! July's topic will be silk dye painting by Hellenne.