Thursday, May 22, 2008

NEW CHALLENGE: name tags!!!

Well for those of you that missed the meeting Monday it was delightful as always! We had beautiful weather and sat on June's screened porch and sipped fancy strawberry drinks and chatted. The food was fabulous and the evening lifted my spirits.We discussed that we should all have name tags since we seem to be getting new members faster than we can learn names!

We decided that it should be a name tag challenge so here it is...Make (however you choose to interpret that) a name tag that shows your personality and style. There will be a prize involved so try your best to make something fabulous!You have a month to get this done and we will model them for all to see at the June meeting. If you don't make one, you will wear the badge of shame (one of those stick on My Name Is...)I think this will tie into the fabric and fringe program at that meeting just great too!Go, get busy!!Rena

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