Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cookie's casserole cover and more!

Cookie's attractive and clever design for a casserole cover is what we all plan to make for a gift soon. Maybe even one for me, who aspires to be like the selfish seamstress. Who else can really appreciate my work? I do love the fabric she chose, as well as that embroidery with a capital *C* in the middle. It's just charming. Thanks so much, Cookie.

Karen has an addiction to dyeing silk scarves. And what beautiful scarves she serves up - who wouldn't be addicted? Now who said there is a thin line between hobby and addiction?

And here is Martha's failed attempt to enter the ASG Atlanta president's challenge this year. We had to make something with fabric costing under $10 from a sponsor. This wool is from Gail K and is under $10, but not the silk B&W checked taffeta. Darn.

Desi modeled this clever towel wrap for wet hair. What an interesting idea. I need one of these, especially in the winter when wet drippy hair is no fun! Great idea, Desi.

And, oh, Lucretia. Love your ribbon vest. What beautiful workmanship. Or is that workladyship. Either way, gorgeous!

Check out the TDF wool coat that Rena made for her daughter. It almost fits Rena and is adorable on her. Imagine how darling her daughter is in this coat. Love the bubble hem.

At left, Jan shows us another of her adorable sunny outfits for Ms. Delilah who must be the most stylist toddler ever. She is well loved by Jan, as well as Whip Stitch who inspires Jan.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sit N Sew

We came, we sat, we sewed! Our sit-n-sew produced 94 drawstring bags for our troops. We had a great time while the machines hummed, the pugs snored, and the piano played upstairs.

We took a brief break for lunch and then it was back to work. Gail (left & right) was so good at making bags that by the end she could do it blindfolded.

Sandie (right) decided that these bags actually make great hats (yes, Lucretia was laughing at her fashion statement).

My Sarah even joined in the fun...ok really she smelled the chocolate laden trail mix that Sandie brought. We decided that chocolate is a bean and therefore a vegetable and a perfectly acceptable lunch.

Jan (left) brought a fabulous mediterranean salad to share and of course her smile and a serious work ethic.

Casey was so exhausted by all the company that she fell asleep in her bucket.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sneak Preview of my potholders!

It's also a Japanese "lesson." One says "daikon" and the other "mikan."

Friday, June 4, 2010


A sneak peak of my potholder...

Also couldn't help but show off the Glass Beads Em and I made at our first lampwork class!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Silk Rayon Burnout Kimono Jacket

This silk rayon burnout fabric is from and I'm turning it into a simple kimono jacket. French seams, the solid front band came from the fabric selvedge. I just need to put a band/hem on the sleeves to give them some weight, and hem the bottom. Might put a closure.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Color and other fun stuff - part 2

Ok, evidently there is a limit to the number of pix you can upload??? My first 4 uploads seem to be missing from the previous post, so this time, I'll just post one of Barbara in her cute top and Ginny's fabric.

Color and other fun stuff

Last night we talked about color and lots of other good sewing and non-sewing topics. Here are some highlights from show 'n tell (or is it sew 'n tell)? First is Rena's suit for her eldest daughter (though we all suspect it is for her - after all, it probably fits!) Jan shows a cute dress for her baby girl. Barbara shows a great fitting summer top. And, can you tell that I lust after Ginny's great Japanese fabric?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Missing Shannon

Goodbye and God Speed to Shannon. Prayers for her family. At left, Shannon helping Mary during her 2009 Perfect Fitting Jeans class.

Friday, April 9, 2010