Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Fling 2012

The ASG Atlanta chapter held their annual Spring Fling event yesterday and as usual, the Sew Incredibles group was well represented. The theme of the event was International Cultures and each group was asked to decorate a table according to the customs/traditions of a country of their choosing. Our country was Japan. Here are a few shots of our table decorations:

Jan M., Sandie and Jan G. all participated in the international fashion show - featuring garments inspired from cultures all around the world.

Jan M. took home first place with her wonderful representation of Japanese culture and fashion. Her outfit consisted of the following items, all of which were made by Jan!

  • Haori - lined jacket, Folkwear Pattern 129, fabric,cotton jersey in ginko/lotus design with pale yellow cotton polyester lining
  • Kanzashi - hair ornament from remnants of the jacket fabric plus silver bead dangle and rhinestone center
  • Hanjuban - white cotton undershirt with side ties
  • Susoyoke - underskirt, white linen with cotton waist tie
  • Obie Belt -kimono silk fabric and tie from Original Quilt & Sewing Show. Lining from Haori lining.
  • Tabi - socks of white cotton with ankle designs from the internet
  • Purse of white cotton with blue sashiko stitching and the lining from the Haori jacket

Sandie represented many countries with her outfit: Indonesia, Israel and Japan. Here's a photo of Sandie in her outfit:

Jan G's dress was modeled by Sandie. It was made of all Liberty of London fabric purchased from - the design was inspired by the British flag. What a creative and wonderful dress!

Lastly, there was a quilt raffle to benefit Ovarian Cancer. The teal quilt, which is the signature color for Ovarian Cancer awareness. Over $200 was raised via the raffle and our very own Rita M. took home the quilt!

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Martha said...

Wow - so cool! Congrats to Jan M and to Rita M. Wish I could've been there.