Saturday, April 14, 2012

April meeting - Swimmy Suits with Rena!

Our former fearless leader (Rena) dusted off her presentation skills last Thursday to share her knowledge and expertise with us related to sewing suits of the swimmy variety as well as leotards and dance costumes. Somehow, I only got one this shot, featuring the bottoms of one of the many swimsuits she's made, but here are a few samples of the others she's whipped up for her kiddos.

In her presentation, she stressed that many patterns can be used for not only costumes, but for swimsuits as well. For example, one pattern was used to create both this swim dress

Swim Dress

AND this dance costume:

Tap Costume

After the presentation, many of us participated in our favorite part of the meeting - Show & Tell!

Here are a few of the highlights:

Hellenne's bags made of Japanese fabric, accented with Sashhiko stitching done by hand!

Japanese fabric can be found at Super Buzzy

Jan made an adorable stuffed cat for her daughter:

And Lucretia made this awesome quilt for her grand-daughter!

Other notable topics/links/websites that were discussed:

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