Saturday, January 22, 2011

2011 Planning

Our first meeting with new leader Karen focused on planning our monthly events for 2011. Here is the tentative schedule:

Feb: Meloday Miller Fabric Designer
Mar: Recap of Expo & dinner at La Madeliene
Apr: Zippers by Barbara Moss
May: Sewing curves by Martha
Jun: Drafting a pants sloper by June
July: Summer party at Cecilia's
Aug: Linings, interlinings & underlinings by June
Sept: Quick gifts - Everyone
Oct: Making silk flowers by Karen
Nov: Schedule for 2012
Dec: Holiday party at Lucretia's

Jan will contact local artist Melody Miller of "Ruby Star Rising" to come and speak with us, so we will adjust the schedule above accordingly. See Melody's fresh new fabric line shown to us by Jan below. Isn't that an adorable dress she made for Delilah from some of this cute fabric?

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