Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sit N Sew

We came, we sat, we sewed! Our sit-n-sew produced 94 drawstring bags for our troops. We had a great time while the machines hummed, the pugs snored, and the piano played upstairs.

We took a brief break for lunch and then it was back to work. Gail (left & right) was so good at making bags that by the end she could do it blindfolded.

Sandie (right) decided that these bags actually make great hats (yes, Lucretia was laughing at her fashion statement).

My Sarah even joined in the fun...ok really she smelled the chocolate laden trail mix that Sandie brought. We decided that chocolate is a bean and therefore a vegetable and a perfectly acceptable lunch.

Jan (left) brought a fabulous mediterranean salad to share and of course her smile and a serious work ethic.

Casey was so exhausted by all the company that she fell asleep in her bucket.

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Hellenne Vermillion said...

Oh this looked like sooo much fun! Sorry I had to miss it. Love the hat Sandie, and should have been a standup comic!