Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shibori - Part I

True to the name "Sew Incredibles", we had a great program on Shibori tonight presented by Martha & Sandie.

Happy Martha works on her shibori project

Many gorgeous samples were shown by both Sandie & Martha and then we got to stitching on our mini shibori projects, which we will dye next month at our meeting.

Barbara admires Sandie's work of art 
Martha's dyed piece - using cranberries!
Some more of Sandie's beautiful shibori

At show & tell, we had a few lovely surprises. A beautiful skirt made by June (sorry I didn't get a photo!) and Sandie presented Lucretia with this adorable stuffed hippo for her new granddaughter.

Lucretia with the stuffed hippo for her granddaughter, made with love from Sandie
 Lucretia shared a beautiful photo and story of a "Quilt of Valor" made for her son by Sandie and women from her synagogue that was presented to him after he returned from a tour in Afghanistan. Here a photo of Sandie and Lucretia's son with the Quilt that was made for him.

Sandie & Lucretia's son with his Quilt of Valor

Truly touching - this group of women are true friends. We are not just friends who sew - we are a support system for one another. I am so glad to find this group of loving, supportive and generous women. Thank you for being Sew Incredible, ladies!


janimal said...

Great night with great people. Anf fab pics Desi!

Martha said...

Such great pix, Desi. But none of you ;(
So impressed with the quilt Sandie and her synagogue friends made for Lucretia's son. Beautiful!