Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jan Martin's Recycled White Cotton Jacket

Here's the info Jan sent me regarding the White Cotton Jacket she recycled and modelled for us at out June meeting:

The jacket was made about 5 years ago from a Vogue Pattern. I followed the directions, adding a medium weight interfacing to the front panel. Because the front panels overlapped quite a bit, the result was a somewhat stiff front. The fit was very good with a mandarin collar included in the front panel of the pattern.

This year I decided to remodel it so I could use it in more casual settings, including going to concerts. First, I removed the white soutache braid from the edges. Since I no longer had the pattern, I folded back the unneeded sections, pinned them and wore the jacket that way around the house. I did much stretching and moving (I'm getting visuals here, Jan!) to make sure that when I cut into it the shape of the back and sides would not be affected.

I released the mandarin collar seam. Allowing for a 1/2" seam, I drew the cutting line with a pencil and cut the jacket fronts. I closed the raw edges with hand sewing and replaced the soutache braid and mounted the large button to close the front.

It was a very nice jacket -- hard to believe it was recycled! click on the image to enlarge

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