Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's all Hellenne's fault!

Wow! This blog spot is a great idea for our Neighborhood Group. We never have enough time to share all that we want. I'll look forward to everyone's posts.

I am busy trying to meet the ASG Creativity Contest deadline. I'm working on Simplicity 3688 with a bit of 3631. This is all Hellenne's fault. She challenged me to try for it last Saturday. Actually, thanks, Hellenne. It's fun to push myself a bit. When I last talked to Hellenne about it at Spring Fling, I still had a week to go. And my calendar was pretty empty.

Well, today my daughter, grandson (7 months), and granddaughter (2 years) came over. All 3 are sick and my daughter was operating on about 10 minutes of sleep. Boy, do I feel guilty for wanting to sew instead of taking care of all of them! And, tomorrow, my daughter-in-law and another grandson (2 years) are driving in from SC to spend a long week-end. Whoa! So much for the free week!

As Hellenne pointed out, it doesn't have to be absolutely finished - just enough to photograph. Hmmm... Also Ginny pointed out that it's good practice to try even if you later decide not to submit. My goal is to create something I might actually wear, and to try out some new techniques. Tonight I'm working on Cynthia Guffey's "mock Hong Kong finish with interlining." It looks pretty. I hope it fits.

Great to see everyone on Monday. I'd love to hear what everyone is sewing, either virtually or actually.

PS - Hope I'm not a bad Grandma. I really, really do love being with them!

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